Rogue Monster Velocidor Review: Best Rack Mounted Dip Attachment

What’s going on everyone? I’m Matt Pendergraph and in today’s video I’m going to be talking about the Mutant Metals Ultimate Dip Attachment by Rogue Fitness or UDA for short. So if that sounds interesting to you then you’re not gonna want to go anywhere!

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Ultimate Dip Attachment vs Most Other Dip Attachments

So rack mounted dip attachments are basically a dime a dozen at this point. Most manufactures offering power racks offer their own variant and more often than not, they really aren’t anything special.

That’s not to say they are bad or they won’t help you develop that massive upper body you’ve been chasing, because they can absolutely get the job done. They are usually just a standard no frills design at a relatively low cost and that’s where the Mutant Metals Ultimate Dip Attachment differentiates itself from the others on the market.

Who Should Consider the Mutant Metals Ultimate Dip Attachment?

Now If you’re someone who rarely incorporates dips into your workout regimen or maybe you just aren’t too concerned with the equipment that you use, you just want to get in the gym and hammer away on whatever the piss gets the job done, then the Mutant Metals attachment may not be the ideal choice for you.

However, if you’re like me and performing dips is a staple in your routine and you take immense pleasure in owning and utilizing top-notch gym equipment, then I can assure you that the Ultimate Dip Attachment is something you’ll thoroughly enjoy!

Design and Usability of the Ultimate Dip Attachment

Before I go too in depth with the product details, I want to start off by letting you know that the UDA is Available in both ⅝ and 1” rack configurations. Because I own and have only used the 1” version, it’ll be the only one that I’ll be discussing in this video, therefore anything I say may not be applicable to the ⅝” version.

Do you own research if you have a rack with ⅝” holes and you’re interested in grabbing one of these for yourself.

So there are several key design elements that make the UDA special and stand out above the competition, but I would say the most notable feature is the inclusion of three sets of handle holes in the body of the unit.

These holes allow the user to position the handles at varying widths, which is super convenient and just makes good sense seeing as though we are not all the same size. I might be broader than you and prefer a wider grip whereas you might be slightly smaller and prefer something a bit more narrow.

Versatility and Comfort

If you’ll notice, the body features an anchor-like shape to it that is beneficial for a couple of reasons:

  • First, it naturally causes the handles to flare outward when inserted which I personally find to be more comfortable as opposed to performing dips on parallel bars.
  • Secondly, this flared design allows for an even greater range of widths just by positioning yourself at different points along the handles.

Basically the handles are closer together near the base of the unit, and they gradually widen as you move towards the ends. Having the ability to set the handles at varying widths combined with being able to position yourself at various points along the handles truly allows the user to find that sweet spot for their individual build.

Build Quality and Specifications

Weighing in at 31 pounds, this dip attachment strikes a balance between being lightweight for ease of transportation and installation, yet heavy enough to convey that sense of robust, high-quality craftsmanship we’ve all come to expect from Rogue.

Frame and Mounting Features

The frame is crafted from 2 x 2″ 11-Gauge Steel and features ⅜” thick side plates with an integrated 1” pin for ease of mounting.The frame is finished in a textured black powder coat and is equipped with UHMW protection at all contact points with your rack.

When not in use, the UDA can conveniently be stored in a downward position on your upright without the need for an additional hanger, and as you can see, it occupies very little space in this configuration.

Mutant Metals has even cleverly incorporated a piece of UHMW on the top of the UDA, preventing metal-on-metal contact when in storage mode!

Additional Features and Accessories

Measuring a generous 22 inches in total length and providing a usable length of 18 inches when installed the UDA handles are 35mm in diameter and have been crafted from solid bar stock, which adds significant heft and durability to their overall build quality!

Innovative Knurling and Knobs

Unlike most dip attachments on the market, they feature a beautifully executed tacky knurling, which offers a secure grip without being overly sharp. Additionally, Rogue has also integrated knurl marks every 6” along the handles to ensure repeatable starting grip positions.

Each handle is secured to the dip attachment frame with a Monster Knurled Knob and if you aren’t familiar with these, they are basically super high-quality machined nuts with knurling along the edge for grip and built in washers to prevent metal on metal contact.

The addition of knurling on these little guys enables you to tighten or loosen them without requiring any tools. In my opinion, these Monster Knobs are an exceptionally versatile addition to have in your gym as they can be used anywhere you would normally want a removable nut.

Thankfully, Rogue offers these Monster Knobs separately on their website and I’ll be sure to include a link in the description to them, along with everything else I talk about in this video in case you want to check them out for yourself.

Versatility Beyond Dips

What makes these handles especially appealing is their versatility; they’re not confined to being used solely with the UDA and can be effectively utilized in other scenarios as well such as being used as pull up grips or pushup handles or my personal favorite, as more a premium, lower profile handle option for my lever arms or Rogue Rhino!

The possibilities are endless! You are only limited by your imagination! If you can dream it, you can achieve it!….and many more inspiration phrases like those.

The UDA’s Performance During Training

Fun fact for you…I was once criticized by a guy in the comment section of a review for not providing a more intimate perspective on my use of a product.

When I was honestly so confused by the person’s comments as I’m not out here humping on my gym equipment. I’s mostly cold steel…that being said, regarding the usage of the Ultimate Dip attachment and the sensation it delivers, it feels excellent!

It is quite the pleasurable experience one might expect from a high end dip attachment!

Trust and Reliability

I’m roughly 225 lbs and have full confidence in this design and its ability to securely hold my weight and whatever else I want to strap to me.

I do notice a minimal amount of flex the further out on the arms I travel due to leverage, but it’s definitely nothing to be concerned with in my opinion and certainly not anything that should stop you from considering picking up this dip attachment.

Aesthetic Considerations

As far as the fit and finish of the UDA, per usual, Rogue has knocked it out of the park! The welds are well executed, Rogue has beefed the body up in all the right places without sacrificing the compact size or lightweight design, and the powder coating has been even applied.

On that note, Rogue currently only offers this unit in this black textured finish, but their website does state that additional frame colorways will be available in the future so that’ll be interesting to see.

When purchasing the UDA, you are given a choice between stainless Steel handles (like I have here) or Rogue’s Proprietary Matte Black finish.

Whichever handle finish you choose will dictate the color of the attachment pin. Because I have the stainless steel variant, my attachment pin is also stainless steel. If you choose Rogue’s Proprietary Matte Black handles, then your pin will be textured black to match!

Choice of Materials and Finishes

So while this might seem like a minor cosmetic concern, my main issue with the UDA lies in the choice of frame end caps by Rogue. The plain, cheap-looking plastic end caps don’t quite match the overall quality of the dip attachment.

Personally, I would have preferred metal-welded end caps to avoid any potential issues of them popping out over time. Alternatively, a more sophisticated design with catch tabs and branded logos, even if made of plastic, would have been preferable.

Although this is purely a cosmetic matter, it feels a bit inconsistent for such meticulous design work on the dip attachment to be paired with less premium-looking end caps.

It’s a matter of personal preference, but given the premium price point of the UDA, one naturally expects a premium touch throughout.

Rogue Velocidor vs Mutant Metals Ultimate Dip Attachment

Now this wouldn’t be a proper review if I neglected to mention that Rogue does offer another high-end dip attachment called the Velocidor and similar to the UDA, the width of the handles can also be adjusted.

However, Rogue has taken this concept a step further by allowing the handles to be set at various angles, such as slightly upward or downward and even perfectly parallel to each other.

While I will admit that these extra features are pretty cool in theory, they aren’t a complete game changer by any means in my opinion. I personally find myself rarely adjusting the angles due to how little impact it has on the feeling of the movement.

One notable drawback of the angled handle feature is the fact that the handles cannot be used elsewhere outside of the Velocidor. This restriction stems from the presence of nubs at the base of the handles, which correspond to the different holes in the Velocidor’s frame. These nubs allow the handles to be locked into the various angles and prevent them from spinning.

I will say that the Velocidor physically dominates the UDA in terms of size and construction. With a weight of approximately 45 lbs, it’s notably heavier, due to its robust 3×3 7-gauge steel construction. The handles on the Velocidor are just under 2 inches in diameter, and when in the flip-down storage position, the entire unit extends a substantial 9.5 inches from the rack, in contrast to the UDA’s 4.5 inches.

While I generally appreciate Rogue’s overbuilt, over-the-top construction, I believe it works against the Velocidor in this context. In my opinion, unless you have a dedicated and out-of-the-way upright where you can permanently keep this attachment for use and storage, the process of moving it around the gym and frequently installing and uninstalling can become quite tiresome!

Transportation and installation might not be as cumbersome if the weight distribution of the attachment were different. However, because the handles are hollow, they are significantly lighter than the body, creating an awkward and unbalanced experience during the process. This stands in contrast to the UDA, which, in my opinion, offers a far more pleasant experience in this regard.

As mentioned earlier, the Velocidor can be easily flipped down and stored on the rack when not in use by employing two hitch pins. You simply remove the top pin, allowing it to hinge on the bottom pin. This mechanism works seamlessly if you have a Rogue rack or a rack with true two-inch on-center hole spacing.

However, if you intend to use this feature on an imported rack, like the REP PR-5000 I have here, it doesn’t work due to the slight misalignment in the hole spacing. In such cases, you’ll need to either find hitch pins with a smaller diameter or abandon the idea altogether.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

And this brings me right back to the Ultimate Dip Attachment and why I feel it’s probably going to be the better option for most people!

It is noticeably lighter making it far more manageable to transport and install and uninstall, it only requires a single mounting hole for use and storage, and the handles are simply more versatile due to the fact that they can be used elsewhere!

If all of this sounds appealing to you then I say spring for the UDA and move on with life. If none of this is of interest and you simply want the absolute biggest and baddest dip attachment on the planet, then go with the Velocidor!

At the end of the day you’ll end up with a fantastic piece regardless of which one you choose. I know that for me personally, the Mutant Metals Ultimate Dip Attachment just makes the most overall sense. But I’m curious to hear your thoughts? Let me know what you think.

Conclusion and Wrap-up

With that, I’m going to wrap up this review. I hope you enjoyed the video, if you did, please give it a thumbs up!

If you have any questions or maybe I didn’t cover something that you think I should have, be sure to leave me a comment down below and I’ll get back to you! I appreciate you watching, until next time!

Check it out – Rogue Monster Velocidor »

Check it out – Rogue Monster Velocidor »